Who We Are

We at ItsyGames focus on delivering high-quality entertainment by combining exceptional art with compelling storytelling. Our premium apps provide joyful experiences with their beautiful design and emotional stories.

Games, fun and safety

We believe that reading and playing outside are fundamental for the development of children. Our apps are not supposed to replace these activities but complement them. We at ItsyGames focus on developing digital toys-apps for children to enrich their lives.

Driving a digger, cutting hair, singing songs

A high quality app should always make use of the opportunities technology brings to us in order to let children try something that is not possible with a book or toy.

Passion and quality

We are parents ourselves and work passionately and with a lot of commitment on our products. We work with the best illustrators and animators around the world to create and present the best apps possible – to enrich the lives of our and your kids.

We at ItsyGames promising and controlling advertisements, because we care about what kids can see on internet and providing hassle-free services for the parents.

And btw, we also have kids and parents!

Please, enjoy the product!

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