Our Team

“We The People” !!! This is our main slogan and goal! Everyone is welcome to join our smart and proudly hard-working team. We have web developers, mobile application developers, designers (graphic, UI/UX), promoters. Our souls are attached to provided the best experience as we can to our most important part of our lives – our KIDS!!! High-quality designed websites and mobile app as well as printed production. We are promising that quality of our work won’t ever stay under the question or concerns. Also, kids privacy and content restrictions are our goals!

Meet the team:


Alex (Aleksei) Lyskovich
(ios app developer)

Developed itsygames app and deployed to the apple store.


Max (Maxim) White
(Marketing / Promo):

Social network promotion specialist, social buyer, Ads and PPC. Online guru


Maxim Filipau
(Graphic Designer)

Styles: Graphic, Mixed Media, Street Art;

Subjects: Abstract, Backgrounds, Design, Celebrities, Vectors




If you are interested in joining us or learn more about what we are doing or have just a question, please, email us directly:

hi@itsygames.com or visit our contact page.




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