Welcome to the changelog page. We are going to track the progress of adding games and features to the iOS app. Changelog will be helpful for our users and software developers because we want to show that the codebase of the application is growing day by day, month by month, and it is important to see how the small app with just 3 matching games (the same style) becoming a library with a lot of board games, memory games, and educational games. Sorry, we are not going to share the roadmap of the app at this time, but you are welcome to download the latest version from the apple store:

Version 2.1.1
New game set!!! Learn alphabet. New panel for alphabet/letters styles games added. Minor bug fixes and improvements, like adding more support for different screen sizes/devices

Version 2.0
New game set – Numbers. Follow the pattern and tap on the correct numbers! Minor improvements. Also, Santa is gone till next year 🙁

Version 1.6
Holidays season is here! Santa and holiday music are in the app now. Please, enjoy the app during family nights! Any feedback or ideas very appreciated!

Version 1.5.2
Main menu navigation improvements. No more annoying swiping gesture. Fixed crash on the first launch for some devices. Holidays vibes with catching the turkey and hear gobble-gobble-gobble. Other minor improvements. No ads.

Version 1.4
We are going international. This is where we started our international expansion. This build is localized. 4 Languages: English, Spanish, Russian and Chinese. And as always: some minor UI tweaks and sounds.

Version 1.3
Redesigned version. A new menu, new hidden features, and the most exciting – new set of games: Puzzles. Also, minor improvements and bug fixes.

Version 1.2
There are now a few hidden features. Tap on the sun or pop the balloons and more to make the app more enjoyable for your munchkins. Also, more adoption for iPads.

Version 1.1
Minor update to the settings area. General improvements.

Version 1.0
“Hello world” and hello kids 🙂 Itsygames just got approved by the apple store!